All in One Dust & Noise Monitoring

All in One Dust & Noise Monitoring


The only on-site and boundary monitor you will ever need. The Site Shield 360 produced for boundary and site monitoring applications provides simultaneous, remote monitoring of dust, noise, wind speed and direction. Local alarms and email can be transmitted to site managers if dust or noise limits are exceeded. It is also the first simultaneous multi parameter monitor for dust and noise manufactured in the UK which can be fully integrated into a MONITOR, DETECT, PROTECT system by wirelessly connecting the unit to our range of Emicontrols V12s and V12 dust controllers.  Giving the client a fully automatic system which will control dust within seconds of being detected.

Environmental dust and noise compliance made easy
Data Anytime and Anywhere

The data is transferred via GPRS to a dedicated, secure, website This can be viewed in any web browser, via private login, showing real-time and historical data and in addition real-time alarms can be set up via email. Reports can be easily created for multiple parameters: Noise: LAeq, LAmx, LA10, LA90, PM10, PM2.5 levels or TSP as well as wind speed and direction; all over selectable time periods.

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