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V22 High Output Dust Controller


V22 High Output Dust Controller

The V22 Dust Controller by Emicontrols meets all the latest European requirements for protection against dust emissions. The fully automated V22 offers a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly solution.

The patented nozzle head and the outer nozzles ring of our V22 generates a finely atomized mist which binds the dust particles and prevents them from spreading. The projection range with the central nozzle head is also much greater than compared to other nozzle configurations, so the nozzle head can also be used with the turbine switched off.

The easy to use remote control system of the V22, with its 43° inclination angle, 360° programmable oscillation angle, make our turbine a flexible and compact dust controller. Typical fields of application include, Demolition, Biomass, Quarrying, Mining, Recycling facilities,  Composting facilities, Odour suppression, landfill and forestry applications.

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I love the service and the range of products at EAG. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and above all else create a solution to a problem.

~ Wesley J O'Brien

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