v12 Dust Controller


V12 Dust Controller

The fully-automatic V12 from Emicontrols offers a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly solution to dust control.

Special nozzles with ceramic inserts produce the fine water spray, which effectively lays the dust particles directly at the source. The latest valve technology and an optional second nozzle ring guarantee efficient water flow. The turbines can remotely move 52° in angle of inclination and a 360° full oscillation ensure maximum operating range. The wide range of designs available makes the V12s a universal dust laying sprayer. The device is easy to control via a remote control, a touch panel on the electric cabinet or wirelessly.

Another benefit of using the V12s is its ability to integrate with our Site Shield 360° Dust Monitoring Kit. This makes the turbine totally autonomous as it is controlled wirelessly by the site shield 360. When dust levels exceed permitted levels the site shield 360 sends a Bluetooth signal to the V12s to start up and once dust levels have decreased it send another signal to switch off. MONITOR, DETECT, PROTECT.

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