L3 Compact Lance Dust Controller

Emicontrols L3

L3 Compact Lance Dust Controller

The Emicontrols L3 Lance dust controller has gone through a huge research and development program to deliver a cost effective and highly mobile dust controller. As the rest of our range of dust controllers the L3 meets the highest European standards in terms of quality and safety. Compact, easy to handle, with the option of changing the water throw geometry of the fine water spray, it is easy to be placed in small spaces outdoors and indoors, in demolition works, in quarries, recycling centers, and in industrial storage areas, where it can be placed directly at the dust’s source.

The lance L3 is controlled by a remote control with which you can operate the rotation and inclination of its head and all the built in pump functions. The reduced water consumption and power, make the lance L3 A high environmentally-friendly solution.

The L3 just requires a standard garden hose under mains pressure and a 110v power supply.

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